Hi I’m Christy,

The first impression of people who meet me is that I am this well-put together, organized gal that has everything. And while I recognize this on some level and whole heartedly count my blessings there are just times where I really am a hot mess. Once people get to know me they figure out that I am relatable and real. No need to pretend. We’re all in this crazy world together. Life is too short to be lonely and try to figure it all out on our own. I am blessed to have lived a relatively healthy life. After having my children I became much more aware of what I was feeding them and of our environmental surroundings.

I am a Christian, a wife (of a farmer and small business owner), a mother of three, a health advocate, a philanthropist, and entrepreneur. I have been married to my husband for  20  years and I’m the mother to three beautiful, healthy children. I grew up as a suburbanite. I met my husband in college at The Ohio State University. We settled on his family’s farm land in a rural, small town in Central Ohio when I got pregnant with my first child. We have since purchased our own farm land and built our forever home on our farm.

After losing three friends my age to cancer in 2008 and 2009…

… I was motivated to make some lifestyle changes and started focusing on diet and exercise. As I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle I was invited to a home party like no other I had ever attended. It was educational and truly enlightening. The company offered safe products made with organic botanicals and essential oils, but it was the unique presentation that made me aware of hazardous chemicals in everyday products and how to avoid them by reading the back of product labels. I remember leaving there with all pistons firing and couldn’t wait to get home to look at my productsat home to see what was lurking in there. I found most all of them no longer met my new standards. 

My first born had developed eczema with no explanation. Even after cutting out products with dyes and fragrances, and trying every soap, laundry detergent and cream we could find with little to no relief I was desperately seeking a solution for her, and these products were my new found solution. Plus, what I learned was that even though I was using other conventional products that were marketed as “safe”, “natural”, “pure”, and had little green leaves and other botanical graphics on the label most of them still had harmful ingredients in them. It enraged me quite frankly, and I thought to myself “How do I not know this?? I watch the news, I read the newspaper, I’m on social media, and consider myself educated on what is best for my family.”

I had something stirring in me to have a platform to share this information with everyone I cared about. I quickly found a new passion sharing an important health message and superior safe products that actually worked, and started down a new path on my healthy living journey representing a company and products that I was so thankful for and proud of. Not only was the format of the business perfect to share my passion and continue learning, but the model allowed me to build a successful business while staying home with my three young children and having the flexibility to do all the desired mommy duties while earning a significant income.

Whether you want to learn more natural/health hacks and remedies, are looking for recommendations for personal care and household products, want a glimpse into my crazy, wonderful life, or simply want to be entertained or inspired, my hope is that my blog helps you find healthy solutions, inspiration to pursue your goals in life and be the best version of you…with no guilt.

We all have choices.

Ready to live your life by design?

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